I did a post about leather already, (here) talking about ways to take care of your leather, kinds, my opinion and other informations!!

But today’s post is about a store in Curitiba, Corupelle.

You are gonna ask yourself, “in Curitiba, leather? no way!” Yes way!! I was searching for leather in the city and I couldn’t find it.. the last time I bought something in leather was outside of Brazil, for many reasons.. price, quality, options.. besides shoes because they are better.. so I searched until I found Corupelle.

The store is located on the way to the airport (Afonso Pena Airport). I went there and I met the couple, owner of the store, Alex and Evelaine. Corupelle is a fabric store, that exists since 1986 and the store location itself is there since 1998.

They know a lot about leather, they can help you find the perfect item that you are looking for, give you instructions on how to take care of the leather!
They search for news, for what is happening in the world and passing by to the stylist to adapt or create one of the same model.
One example, the jacket of Wolverine’s movie: and the jacket that they made it, was inspired on the movie (they have the brown one also, that in in the hanger behind the photo):

And another, the movie Top Gun – Tom Cruise and the jacket of the store:

They have everything! Gloves, skirts, pants, purses, backpacks, wallets, for men, woman, kids, all genders and tastes.
Skirt in leather, beautiful that is going to last forever, with you taking good care of it, for years, for your kids, grandkids..

And look at this SO WARMING  inside glove (I wish I had that here in France, since the cold is coming closer)!

They receive excursions of tourists with bus every week, it’s a of course stop.

You have to go there! Say there you heard about the store from the blog, talk to the couple, go drink a coffee with them, see all the cool stuff there, and tell me afterwords how was it. It’s easy to arrive, going to the airport, close to Habib’s, before arriving, it’s a BLUE HOUSE!  

Corupelle Curitiba
End: Av. Comendador Franco nº 815
Bairro: Jardim Botânico
E-mail: corupellecuritiba@yahoo.com.br
Tel: (41)3262-4665

Author: Cris Jacomél