Have you ever hear about “color of the year”? 

Fonte: Pantone

..maybe not from a long time, because the real BOOM of all this, at least in Brazil, was Marsala, in 2015. The red bean’s color, a happier brown color, a more colorful brown, kind of burgundy/wine color, but a little pale, I could say. A color that went to all the window’s shop, all the places, on the clothes, accessories, house decor and which I personally love, faded or not. Plus, besides that, this color is in my color pallet that brights up my nature skin and hair color.


But after Marsala – 2015, there was “Rose Quartz” e o “Serenity” – 2016, that are the “baby pink” and “baby blue” and first time that Pantone picked 2 colors. To be honest, I didn’t see much going on in the world around these two colors, like I did in 2015. Of course, the pink and pink metals and stuff for example had a little bit more highlight but I wouldn’t say it was 100% because of the Pantone’s color of the year.


Fonte: Pantone

The process itself is made by Pantone’s Color Institute + other professionals from different areas, that look for something else beyond the color, for example, the meaning of it also. The results it released once a year, in December, but all the marketing and trend agencies already started working on that and trying to find out more, way before, trying to antecipate and sell it. There is a influence of the color, as you must have seen it, in all sectors but of course, each of them go different ways.


So let’s go to the color of the year of 2018!!!!! 


The Ultra violeta, according to Pantone, was chosen due to the moment the world is going through, moment of change, where being creative is necessary, with so many technological changes, artistic and spiritual also, the purple is part of that transition. Do you agree? Like? Dislike?

For me, the purple was never a color that lots of people really dare to use.. it’s a color of a certain impact, more than the other ones. Maybe due to the religious background, the connection that the mind does without you even thinking before, or maybe for remembering Tinky Winky, of Teletubbies, which was the one I didn’t really like of the 4. Or maybe because this color also can bring sadness…

OBVIOUSLY, colors are very personal, just like the Color Analysis (which are part of my Image Consulting), where we see some colors match more than others, for one people and for another. I did a course of Chromotherapy, therapy of colors, where we search for the color that is missing in each person, and the environment, and for me, funny as it sounds, was purple. But stopping to think about it, I probably have 1 top and 1 scarf that are purple, nothing else.

But of course, there are many people that like purple, that have been using this tone way before it has been chosen for the color of 2018…

But just like the black, purple also can represent royalty and power, and no one else better to be here then…

Fonte: People

And besides the Royal family.. we have Tina Fey, (Academy Awards), Viola Davis (2017 Time 100 Gala) and Sandra Bullock (2010 Golden Globe Awards).

Fonte: People

So, what did you think? Do you like purple? Is this color going to happen in 2018 like Marsala did or maybe not so much, like the pink and blue?


Author: Cris Jacomél