Cris is one of those friends that you want to keep them as close as possible because you can really count on them. Stylish, creative and determined define her and I will tell you, it’s captivating. Strong woman that when makes something in her mind, nothing will stop her. She is always looking to be a better person and changing her ideals. Takes her commitments very seriously.

Dear. Creative. Friend. Buddy. Direct. Pizza. Cutie. Sincere. But if I had to chose one word to describe Cris it would be inspiring. It goes beyond the outside, she is beautiful on the inside. She helps her friends at anything, even though she can’t have lunch every week. She is someone that I really admire for how she running after her dreams and continues to search for whatever makes her happy. I am really proud of being a friend of someone that takes changes and really happy for everything that we have shared together.

Statement of Fernanda Meucci and Karen Scholl about me, Cris Jacomél